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2019 Meeting

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November 15-16 at the Holiday Inn – Capitol Plaza in Sacramento (near Old Town).
“Between the Nexus of Social Control and Social Resistance”

Send additional session topics to Edwin Lopez at

Send presentation submissions to the session organizers listed below

***This year we have a student poster competition. The Award will be presented Friday evening at the banquet. Contact Anne at to submit your poster.

***We also have a roundtable session with tables on race, gender, immigration, and any other topic you are interested in. This is open to graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, and community; any projects, ranging from inception to fully completed and ready for publication are welcome at the roundtables. Please contact Edwin at to submit your table topic.

2019 CSA Conference:  List of Sessions (updated 9/11/2019)

“At the intersection of Social Capital and Social Networks.”Yvette
“Student Research”Hernan
“Work and Professions in Health Care”Carolina
“Medical Sociology”Carolina
“Community and Identity”Thea
“Black, Indigenous, Asian and Xicanx Organizing: Social Movements in the Southwest in the last 50 years”Christina
“Current Issues in Latinx Research”  (Faculty)Alicia
“Latinx Across the Life Course”  (Faculty)Alicia
“Race Matters” (Graduate Student Session)Alicia
“Making Sociology Matter”  (Graduate Students)Alicia
“Undergraduate Research”Alicia
“Social Movements”Maria
“Social Contention with Institutional Hegemony and State Appropriation”Deana
Round Table SessionsEdwin
Poster Sessions/Student Poster CompetitionAnne
“Latina Teachers: Creating Careers and Guarding Culture” Author meets critic: Glenda Marisol FloresElvia
“Issues in Chicanx and Latinx Education”Elvia
“Filipino American Experiences”Dustin
“Responding to Cultural Dissonance”Dustin
“Issues in Race and Ethnicity”Vern
“Citizenship: Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion”Heidy
“Experiences of Students of Color in Higher Education”Heidy
“Graduate Panel on (Im)migration in the U.S”Heidy
“Beyond Words: Art, Music, and Bodily Challenges in Academia”Heidy
“Power and the Person: Gender and Sexuality”Wendy
“Teaching Sociology”Yvette
“Constructions of Sexual Identity in Contemporary Society”Mary
“Latinx Activism and the Struggle for Sanctuary in Southern California”Gilda L.
“Visualizing and Proposing Empirical Research: Opportunities and Challenges for Undergraduate Students”Ellen
“Chicanas and Latinas in Academia”Elvia
“Sociology of Natural Disasters and Wildfires”Marianne
“Critical Issues in Ethnic Studies”Edwin
“Global Justice and Praxis”Chris Chase-Dunn and Andrej

The 2020 meeting will be November 6-7 at the Mission Inn – Riverside

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