Welcome to the 2014 CSA Conference

Plenary Session

Friday, November 7, 5:00-6:15 pm


Keynote Speaker, Dr. Jane Prather


Jane Emery Prather is an emeritus professor at CSU Northridge where she served as chair of both Sociology and Women Studies departments and taught courses in gender, qualitative research methods, and sociology of work.  In 1971, with a psychology colleague, she taught the first gender/women’s studies course on campus entitled Sex Role Stereotypes.


Jane received her Ph.D. in Sociology from University of California, Berkeley and her BA and MA from the University of Kansas. Her publications have primarily focused on gender issues, most notably research on the marketing and prescribing of prescription psychotropic drugs for women.


Since retiring, she and her husband live part of the year in New York City and the rest of the year in California. For six years she has taught sociology as a volunteer in a women’s maximum security prison through a program sponsored by Marymount Manhattan College. She describes this as the most challenging and rewarding teaching position she has held.  Hungry for knowledge about the outside world from a sociological perspective, the students are grateful and respectful. “I often leave the prison wondering if I had their challenges, would I have behaved differently.”


Her presentation “Lessons Learned in Prison: The Urgency for Prison Reform” will describe her experience of the prison as a Total Institution maintaining an oppressive atmosphere for inmates and volunteers:

                 Guards Rule!!

                 Inmates earn slave hourly wages (as low as 25 cents).

                 Students and faculty are known by numbers not names.

Yet, education is the best avenue for avoiding recidivism and no student, once released, in this college has ever returned to prison. Reform is critical: the cost of housing one prisoner per year is $50,000. California’s prisons are notoriously known for their overcrowding and serious health hazards. They are punitive not rehabilitative!


Finally, she credits her experience in high school as leading to her interest in Sociology. She was editor of the student newspaper (and Valedictorian) in Little Rock Central High School during the infamous year of de-segregation when nine African American students attended the all-white high school, but only after rioting and federal government intervention occurred.





Program Schedule

Friday, November 7, 2014

Meeting Rooms

Spanish Art Gallery

Monterey Room

San Diego West Room

San Gabriel Room

San Diego East Room

Frank Miller Executive Dining Room

Registration--9:00 AM-5:00 PM, Hotel Lobby

Session 1

10:00-11:45 AM

1A. Current Issues in Latin@ Research         

1B.  Collapse and Catastrophe in the World-system

1C.  Restorative Justice


1D. Sonoma State Undergraduate Papers

1E. Community College Roundtable

1F. Student Research Papers

Lunch Break--11:45 AM-1:00 PM

Session 2

1:00-2:45 PM

2A. Mass Incarceration: Comparing Analyses and Strategies for Resistance

2B.  Gender and Migration


2C. Making Sociology Matter (Graduate Student Session)


2D. Global Social Change


2E. Grant Writing Workshop


2F. Social Responsibility and Intersectionality

Session 3

3:00-4:45 PM

3A. Race Matters (Graduate Student Session)

3B. Social Inequality: Persistent Problems & Possible Solutions

3C.  HIP-High Impact Practices

3D. Building Community through Pedagogy

3E. Student Research


5:00-8:00 PM—Music Room: Plenary Session

Student Awards, Keynote Address,  Reception Buffet, and Sound Installation: Prison Music, Jeb Middlebrook, CSU Dominguez Hills, jmiddlebrook@csudh@edu





Program Schedule

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Meeting Rooms

Spanish Art Gallery

Monterey Room

San Diego West Room

San Gabriel Room

San Diego East Room

Frank Miller Executive Dining Room

Registration--8:00 AM-1:30 PM, Hotel Lobby

Session 4

9:00-10:45 AM

4A.  Research on Non-Traditional Students

4B. Creating Identity and Community

4C. The Inherent Contradictions of Capitalism

4D. Undergraduate Research

4E. Teaching at the Community College


Session 5

11:00-12:45 PM

5A. The Body in Fitness Culture

5B. Subcultures in American Society

5C. Hodgepodge

5D. Sociology of Education

5E. Political Economy

5F. Who, How, and Why of the Islamic State in the Middle East

Session 6

1:00-2:45 PM

6A. Gender and Sexualities

6B. Artists as Creators, Agitators, and Movers

6C. Social Movements

6D. Social Change

6E. The Ethnographers Circle Workshop

6F. Updating the Classics: Wrestling with Goffman's Ghost

Business Meeting--3:00-4:00 PM--All Members Welcome, San Diego East Room




Thursday, November 6, 2014

7:00-9:00 PM San Diego West Room: Council Meeting


Friday, November 7, 2014

9:00 AM-5:00 PM Hotel Lobby: Meeting Registration


Friday Session 1               10:00-11:45 AM


Session 1A-Spanish Art Gallery: Current Issues in Latin@ Research, Organizer and Presider: Alicia Gonzales, CSU San Marcos, amgonzal@csusm.edu                                                  

1.      Towards Death with Dignity, Alicia Gonzales, CSU San Marcos, amgonzal@csusm.edu

2.      Getting an MA Degree: Lessons Deemed from the Post-baccalaureate Educational Experiences of Hispanic Graduate Students, Edna Molina-Jackson, CSU Bakersfield, Edna_Molina3@firstclass1.csubak.edu

3.      Allure of Department Store Work: Latina Women and Perceptions of Occupational Mobility, Janette Diaz, UC Santa Barbara, jdiaz@csusm.edu

4.      The Informalization of Labor is not a Crime, Xuan Santos, CSU San Marcos, xsantos@csusm.edu


Session 1B-Monterey Room: Collapse and Catastrophe in the World-system, Organizer: Alexis Álvarez, UC Riverside and Institute for Research on World-Systems, alexisalvarez@earthlink.net Discussant: Chris Chase-Dunn, UC Riverside, chriscd@ucr.edu

1.  China’s Environmental Problems, Continued, Gene Anderson, UC Riverside, geneanderson510@gmail.com,

2.   Hegemony and Global State Formation, Roy Kwon, University of La Verne, roykwon@gmail.com

3.  Sixteen Reasons Why California Ran out of Water--and a Few Solutions, Mark Bird, College of Southern Nevada, mark.bird@csn.edu

4.   Catastrophes, Visible or Invisible, Evan Heimlich, Grossmont College, and UCR Institute for Research on World-Systems, evan.heimlich@gmail.com


Session 1C-San Diego West Room: Restorative Justice, Organizer and Presider: Jaye Houston, College of the Canyons, jaye.houston@canyons.edu

1.       Deconstructing No Tolerance: Case Studies of Restorative Justice in Schools, Patrick Jackson, Sonoma State University, jackson@sonoma.edu, Dillon Jackson, UC Berkeley, Kaitlin Levi-Liotard, University of Colorado, Denver

2.       Understanding the Needs of Transgender Children, Cecillia Barron, College of the Canyons, Cecillia.barron@canyons.edu

3.       Time to (Which?) Consequence: Law-Makers' and Law-Breakers' Perceptions of Celerity, Adam G. Sanford, CSU Dominguez Hills, asanford@csudh.edu



Session 1D-San Gabriel Room: Sonoma State Undergraduate Papers, Organizer and Presider: Cindy A. Stearns, Sonoma State University, stearns@sonoma.edu

1.   Restorative Justice Volunteers, Kevin Brown, Sonoma State University, brownke@seawolf.sonoma.edu

2.   Navigating and Framing the Education and Identity of Autism Spectrum Disorder Children within the Structure of Public Schools: Parents as Caretakers, Interpreters and Advocates, Jennifer Dueñas, Sonoma State University, duenasj@seawolf.sonoma.edu

3.   The Body in Transition: Student Veterans in the Academic Sphere, Katie Gordon, Sonoma State University, gordonka@seawolf.sonoma.edu


Session 1E-San Diego East Room: Community College Roundtable, Facilitator: Thea Alvarado, College of the Canyons, thea.alvarado@canyons.edu


Session 1F-Frank Miller Executive Dining Room: Student Research Papers, Organizer and Presider: Ellen Reese, UC Riverside, ellen.reese@ucr.edu

1.      Peeling Back the Orange Curtain: Security, Internal Regulation, and White Anxiety in Orange County’s Gated Communities, Ashley Woody, CSU Long Beach, woody.ashley@yahoo.com

2.      Congratulations, it's a U.S. Citizen! A Study on Birth Tourism, Cherry Lai, UC Los Angeles, cherryjec@gmail.com

3.      The Symbolic Annihilation of Females in Top Selling Video Games, Phoenicia Fares, UC Riverside, pfare001@ucr.edu

4.      One Planet, One Home, One Responsibility—Global Governance in the 21st Century?—Roadblocks as Opportunities—A Global Snapshot—2014, Sandor Nagy, UC Riverside, snagy001@ucr.edu


Friday 11:45 AM-1:00 PM Lunch Break


Friday Session 2               1:00-2:45 PM


Session 2A-Spanish Art Gallery: Mass Incarceration: Comparing Analyses and Strategies for Resistance, Organizer and Presider: Alessandro Morosin, UC Riverside, amoro001@ucr.edu

1.      Capitalism's "Surplus" Populations, Mass Incarceration, and the Rise of the Security State, Dennis Loo, Cal Poly Pomona, ddloo@csupomona.edu

2.      Incarcerating the Crisis: The Building of California's Prison Archipelago and Community Resistance to Mass Incarceration, David Chávez, UC Riverside, dfchavez86@gmail.com

3.      Insights on Capital Punishment and (in)Justice: Using Narrative to Empower the Voices of Families of the Condemned, DJ Williams, Idaho State University, willdj@isu.edu 

4.      If You Want To Have Kids, Don't Drink the Juice in the County: Mass Incarceration and the Politics of Survival in San Diego Hip Hop, Mychal Odom, UC San Diego, modom@ucsd.edu




Session 2B-Monterey Room: Gender and Migration, Organizer and Presider: Amanda Admire, UC Riverside, aadmi001@ucr.edu

1.      Undocumented Mexican Mothers, Barbara Reyes, CSU San Marcos, reyes051@cougars.csusm.edu

2.      International Student Immigration and the Knowledge Economy: Increasing Competitiveness Through Student Mobility, Karin Johnson, UC Riverside, kjohn033@ucr.edu 

3.      Gendered Violence among Immigrant Families: A Call for Research, Amanda Admire, UC Riverside, aadmi001@ucr.edu

4.      Urban Renewal and Gentrification through the Lens of Metro Manila, Philippines: Nation Building or Empire Building? Orvic Pada, CSU Fullerton and Claremont Graduate University, orvic29@csu.fullerton.edu


Session 2C-San Diego West Room: Making Sociology Matter (Graduate Student Session), Organizer and Presider: Alicia Gonzales, CSU San Marcos amgonzal@csusm.edu

1.      Sibling Relationships and the Lasting Impact of Military Trauma, Lindsey Ritter, CSU San Marcos, ritte011@cougars.csusm.edu

2.      Stop the Presses: The Death of Newsprint and the Displacement of Press Workers, Sean Davis, CSU San Marcos, davis180@cougars.csusm.edu

3.      Teacher Perception of Black Males, Stereotypes and Literacy, Edwina Williams, CSU San Marcos, willi276@cougars.csusm.edu

4.      Applying Critical Pedagogical Perspectives to Community Based Capstone Projects, Gina English Tillis, Huston-Tillotson University, engli010@cougars.edu

5.      Life in Foster Care and Beyond:  Resistance Strategies of Formally Institutionalized Youth, Rita Esmeralda Naranjo, CSU San Marcos, naran008@cougars.csusm.edu


Session 2D-San Gabriel Room: Global Social Change, Organizer and Presider: Christopher Chase-Dunn, UC Riverside, chriscd@ucr.edu

1.      Neoliberal Reform and Latin America’s Turn to the Left, Joel S. Herrera, UC Riverside, jherr016@ucr.edu

2.      The Sasanian Empire and World-Systems Research, Teresa Neal, UC Irvine, tneal@uci.edu

3.      Social Transformation: An Evolutionary and Comparative World-systems Perspective, Hiroko Inoue, UC Riverside, hiroko.inoue@email.ucr.edu

4.      Uneven Development: Largest Settlements and Polities in World Regions since the Late Bronze Age, Christopher Chase-Dunn, UC Riverside, chriscd@ucr.edu, Hiroko Inoue, UC Riverside, hiroko.inoue@email.ucr.edu, Alexis Alvarez, UC Riverside, alexisalvarez@earthlink.net, Rebecca Alvarez, UC Riverside, E. N. Anderson,  UC Riverside, Christian Jaworski, UC Riverside, Micah K. Carlson, UC Riverside, micahkcarlson@gmail.com and Mengxian Li, UC Riverside


Session 2E-San Diego East Room: Grant Writing Workshop, Facilitator: Cynthia E. Carr, UC Riverside, ccarr022@ucr.edu



Session 2F-Frank Miller Executive Dining Room: Social Responsibility and Intersectionality, Organizer and Presider: Marie Nubia-Feliciano, Chapman University, menubia@gmail.com

1.      Mobilizing as Responsible Mothers and Neighbors: An Intersectional Perspective on Women’s Community Engagement, Ellen Reese, UC Riverside, ellen.reese@ucr.edu, Ian Breckenridge-Jackson, UC Riverside, ibrec001@ucr.edu, Julisa McCoy, UC Riverside, julisa.mccoy@email.ucr.edu

2.      I Don't Even Like School’: Race, Class and Gender in Black Male Schooling, Marginalization and Resistance, Quaylan Allen, Chapman University College of Educational Studies, qallen@chapman.edu

3.      The Intersection of Race, Class, Sexuality, and Location in Male Strip Clubs & Revue Shows, Bobbi-Lee Smart, CSU Dominguez Hills, bobbileesmart@gmail.com

Friday Session 3               3:00-4:45 PM


Session 3A-Spanish Art Gallery: Race Matters (Graduate Student Session), Organizer and Presider: Alicia Gonzales, CSU San Marcos amgonzal@csusm.edu

1.      Race, Class and Space: Understanding Housing Conditions for Latino Tenants in Anaheim, Lucero Ramos, CSU Long Beach, ramos.lucero1991@gmail.com

2.      Latino Parent Participation in Children's Education, Yolanda Catano, CSU San Marcos, catan002@cougars.csusm.edu

3.      The Machismo Condition: Exploring the Lives of Occupational & Domestic Shifts of Mexican and Mexican-American Women, Mario Macias Jr, CSU San Marcos, mario2687@sbcglobal.net

4.      Cruces: Undocumented Mexican Migration and Deportation Narratives, Omar Canseco, CSU San Marcos, canse008@cougars.csusm.edu

5.      Day Laborers: El Pan de Cada Dia, Sarai Marcelin, CSU San Marcos, marce007@cougars.csusm.edu


Session 3B-Monterey Room: Social Inequality: Persistent Problems & Possible Solutions, Organizer: Ellen Reese, UC Riverside, ellen.reese@ucr.edu Presider: Logan Marg, UC Riverside, loganmarg@gmail.com

1.   Part-time Faculty, Research, and Stratification in U.S. Universities, Cynthia E. Carr, UC Riverside, ccarr022@ucr.edu 

2.   Jalos USA: Transnational Community and Identity, Alfredo Mirande, UC Riverside, alfredomirande@yahoo.com 

3.   Shared Experiences and Inequalities among Inland Southern California Warehouse Workers: Gender, Ethnicity, Immigrant Status, and Class, Jason Struna, UC Riverside, jstru002@ucr.edu 

4.   Addressing Barriers to Latino Warehouse Workers’ Access to Health Care: Survey Findings from Inland Southern California, Juliann Allison, UC Riverside, Juliann.allison@ucr.edu, Mila Huston, UC Riverside, mila.huston@email.ucr.edu, Hali Pinedo, UC Los Angeles, halipinedo@hotmail.com, and Ellen Reese, UC Riverside, ellen.reese@ucr.edu


Session 3C-San Diego West Room:  HIP-High Impact Practices, Organizers and Presiders: Thea Alvarado, College of the Canyons thea.alvarado@canyons.edu, Rebekah Villafaña, College of the Canyons rebekah.villafana@canyons.edu, and Vera Kennedy, West Hills College, VeraKennedy@whccd.edu

1.      The Thought for the Week: Motivational Wisdom and Liberal Education, Gordon Clanton, San Diego State University, gclanton@mail.sdsu.edu   

2.      Agents of Change, Janine Nkosi, CSU Fresno, jnkosi@csufresno.edu

3.      Emotions to Emotional Intelligence: A Service Learning Experience, Christine Thompson, West Hills College, Lemoore,  christinethompson@my.whccd.edu

4.      The Efficacy of Service Learning, Angela Tos, West Hills College, Lemoore, angelatos@whccd.edu


Session 3D-San Gabriel Room: Building Community through Pedagogy, Organizer and Presider: Jaye Houston, College of the Canyons, jaye.houston@canyons.edu

1.      Tips for Faculty: Improving the College Classroom for Students with Invisible Disabilities, Esther Villegas-Sandoval, College of the Canyons, esther.villegas-sandoval@canyons.edu   

2.      Using Course Projects to Guide Students Towards Leadership Skills, Adam G. Sanford, CSU Dominguez Hills, asanford@csudh.edu

3.      The Buddha in the Classroom: Who’s the Buddha? Students or the Professor? Jaye Houston, College of the Canyons, jaye.houston@canyons.edu


Session 3E-San Diego East Room:  Student Research, Organizer and Presider: Robert Wonser, College of the Canyons, robert.wonser@canyons.edu

1.  Can You “Hair” Me Now: A Counter-narrative to the Cultural Stereotypes of Black Aesthetics and its Effect on the Black Female Identity, Jasmine L. Davis, UC Los Angeles, jdavi030@ucla.edu 

2.  Undocumented Asian American and Pacific Islander Student-Faculty Interactions within Community College, Pavitee Peumsang, UC Los Angeles, pavsang85@ucla.edu

3.  'Pick a Side': Bisexuality and Inclusion in the LGBT Movement, Celene Fuller, CSU Northridge, celene.fuller.953@my.csun.edu

4.   Undocutreatment: Navigating Health Care Services as an Undocumented Immigrant, Yadira K. Hernandez, UC Los Angeles, yhernandez13@ucla.edu




Plenary Session        Music Room       5:00-8:00 PM



Student Awards, Keynote Address, Reception Buffet, and Sound Installation: Prison Music, Jeb Middlebrook, CSU Dominguez Hills, jmiddlebrook@csudh@edu

Saturday, November 8, 2014


8:00 AM-1:30 PM Hotel Lobby: Meeting Registration Continues


Saturday Session 4          9:00-10:45 AM


Session 4A-Spanish Art Gallery: Research on Non-Traditional Students, Organizer and presider: Ellen Reese, UC Riverside, ellen.reese@ucr.edu

1.   Resources for Transfer Students, Cinthia Gonzalez, UC Riverside, cgonz044@ucr.edu

2.   Understanding Student-Parents, Roman Nuñez, UC Riverside, rnune005@ucr.edu

3.   Campus Involvement and Student-Parents, Anna Sanchez, UC Riverside, asanc043@ucr.edu


Session 4B-Monterey Room: Creating Identity and Community, Organizer and Presider: Thea Alvarado, College of the Canyons, thea.alvarado@canyons.edu

1.      No Excuses: Conceptions of Individualism and Upward Mobility Among Low-Income Residents of Houston’s Fifth Ward, Will Bryerton, Louisiana State University, willbryerton@yahoo.com   

2.      Living in Hell in the City of Angels: Identity Construction and Condition Management Among Black Homeless Men of Skid Row, Michael Habashi, Duke University, mikehabashi@gmail.com  

3.      Using Identity Theory to Understand Deaf Identity Processes, Michael J. Carter, CSU Northridge, michael.carter@csun.edu and Danielle C. Mireles, CSU Northridge, dani.mireles@gmail.com

4.      For Time & Eternity: Mormon Mommy Bloggers and the Creation of Family History through Storytelling, Elizabeth Bogumil, CSU Northridge, elizabeth.bogumil.320@my.csun.edu


Session 4C-San Diego West Room: The Inherent Contradictions of Capitalism, Organizer and Presider: Levin Welch, College of the Canyons, levin.welch@canyons.edu

1.   Capitalism and Appropriation of Native American Culture: Consumption and Fetishization of Material Culture, Madlen Avetyan, CSU Northridge, madlen.avetyan.808@my.csun.edu

2.      Re-Examining the Sociological Rogue in Academic Spaces, Rosa Conrad, CSU San Marcos, conra022@cougars.csusm.edu, Matthew Chase, CSU San Marcos, chase021@cougars.csusm.edu, and Karen Marie Villa, CSU San Marcos, villa166@cougars.csusm.edu

3.   The Global Capitalist Crisis and the 2008 Financial Meltdown in the United States, Levin Welch, College of the Canyons,  levin.welch@canyons.edu



Session 4D-San Gabriel Room: Undergraduate Research, Organizer and Presider: Alicia Gonzales, CSU San Marcos amgonzal@csusm.edu

1.      Textbook Inequalities: Women and Girls in STEM Textbooks, Jenna Koehle, Riverside City College,  jkoehle@student.rcc.edu 

2.      Asian Privilege: What is Asian Privilege and How is it Seen in Modern Society Compared to Canada, Shane Anderson, CSU San Marcos, ander171@cougars.csusm.edu 

3.      Why I Stayed: The Media’s Influence on Domestic Violence as a Social Problem, Tracy Reed, CSU Northridge, tracy.reed.876@my.csun.edu 

4.      A New Outlook for the Latino Community: Promotores, Alejandra Santana, CSU San Bernardino, 002914248@coyote.csusb.edu


Session 4E-San Diego East Room: Teaching at the Community College, Organizer and Presider: A. James McKeever, Los Angeles Pierce College, mckeevaj@piercecollege.edu

1.   Teaching Community College from an Intersectional Perspective, Rebecca Romo, Santa Monica City College, romo_rebecca@smc.edu

2.   Teaching About Port Chicago: Remembering Jimmie Lee Cromartie as an Eyewitness to History, J. Vern Cromartie, Contra Costa College, vcromartie@contracosta.edu

3.   Asian American and Pacific Islander Student Experiences with Faculty in Community Colleges, Eileen Ie, East Los Angeles College, IEEF@elac.edu

4.   Paying It Forward: Changing Academia through the Education and Inspiration of Working Class Black and Latina/o Community College Students, A. James McKeever, Los Angeles Pierce College, McKeevAJ@piercecollege.edu


Saturday Session 5          11:00 AM-12:45 PM


Session 5A-Spanish Art Gallery: The Body in Fitness Culture, Organizer and Presider: Melanie Klein, Santa Monica College, klein_melanie@smc.edu

1.      Capitalism and the Commodification of the Female Body in the Marketing of Yoga, Diana York Blaine, USC, dblaine@usc.edu

2.      Yoga, Pop Culture and Questioning the "Yoga Body," Melanie Klein, Santa Monica College, Klein_Melanie@smc.edu

3.      Zumba Fitness: Old Fitness in a New Body? Tanya Nieri, UC Riverside, tanyan@ucr.edu


Session 5B-Monterey Room: Subcultures in American Society, Organizer and Presider: Dan McMillin, CSU Bakersfield, dmcmillin@csub.edu

1.      The RV Park: Developing Community, Cliff Davids, Porterville College, cliffdavids@yahoo.com

2.      Aging Youth Cultures: Distinguishing Lifestyle and Career Choices in Punk Adults, Micah K.  Carlson, UC Riverside, micahkcarlson@gmail.com

3.      Gay Social Media App Spaces, Billy Wagner, CSU Channel Islands, william.wagner@csuci.edu, and Vincent Torres, CSU Northridge

4.      Coming Up, With Pants Hanging Down: The Internalization of Mixed Messages on Achievement and Social Mobility Among Youths and Young Adults in a Low-Income Houston Neighborhood.  Will Bryerton, Louisiana State University, willbryerton@yahoo.com, and Gene Stubbson, Author and Entrepreneur

5.      Analyzing Put-Down Language within a Christian Community, Joshua Hummel, Vanguard University, joshua.hummel@vanguard.edu


Session 5C-San Diego West Room: Hodgepodge, Organizer and Presider: David Boyns, CSU Northridge, david.boyns@csun.edu

1.      Cultivating Community: Urban Design through Three Classical Theoretical Perspectives, Elizabeth Bogumil, CSU Northridge, elizabeth.bogumil.320@my.csun.edu

2.      Portrayals of Stigmatized Identities in Children’s Picture Books: Understanding the Impact of d/Deaf Characters as Role Models, Danielle C. Mireles, CSU Northridge, dani.mireles@gmail.com

3.      Motivation Type, Internet Use, and Academic Achievement, Christopher Lawrence, CSU Northridge, christopher.lawrence.40@my.csun.edu

4.      Applying John Rawls’s A Theory of Justice to Mass Incarceration and Racial Disparities, Alyssa Heckman, UC Riverside, alyssa.heckmann@ucr.edu

5.      LGBT and the Silent ‘B’: Negotiating Bisexuality in a Dichotomous World, Celene Fuller, CSU Northridge, Celene.fuller.953@my.csun.edu


Session 5D-San Gabriel Room: Sociology of Education, Organizer and Presider: Gary Coyne, UC Riverside, garycoyne1@gmail.com

1.   Mexican-American Student-Faculty Interactions: Perspectives from First-Generation Community College Students, Giovanni Roman, UC Berkeley, groman1022@berkeley.edu

2.   Making Space for Transformative Pedagogies: A Discussion on Student-Centered and Critical Learning in Public Higher Education, Frank C. Perez, CSU Fullerton, fcperez11@gmail.com

3.   Undocumented Students in Higher Education in California, Edwin Elias, UC Riverside, eelia002@ucr.edu

4.   Making Meaning of Student Debt: Qualitative Findings from an Inter-Institutional Analysis of Undergraduate Student Borrowers, Matthew Rotondi, UC Riverside, mroto001@ucr.edu


Session 5E-San Diego East Room: Political Economy, Organizer and Presider: Paul Peterson, UC Riverside, ppete002@ucr.edu

1.      Cross-national Variation in Union Density and Financialization, Paul Peterson, UC Riverside, ppete002@ucr.edu and Anthony Roberts, UC Riverside, arobe003@ucr.edu

2.      How the United Nations Really Operates: Confessions of an Insider, Thomas Shey, Antelope Valley College, tshey@avc.edu

3.      The Tenacity of Solidarity: Measuring Social Capital in Rural Cambodia, Adam Roth, CSU Chico, aroth4@mail.csuchico.edu

Session 5F-Frank Miller Executive Dining Room: Who, How, and Why of the Islamic State in the Middle East, Presenters: Ali Akbar Mahdi, College of the Canyons, aamahdi@owu.edu and Fariba Taghavi, Independent Scholar, ftaghavi79@yahoo.com

Saturday Session 6          1:00-2:45 PM

Session 6A-Spanish Art Gallery: Gender and Sexualities, Organizer and Presider: Emily E. Prior, College of the Canyons, Emily.prior@canyons.edu

1.      What Do(n’t) American Undergraduate Social Work Students Learn About Sex?: A Content Analysis of Sex Positivity and Diversity in Five Popular HBSE Textbooks, Emily E. Prior, Center for Positive Sexuality and College of the Canyons, Emily@positivesexuality.org, DJ Williams, Idaho State University, willdj@isu.edu, Tina Zavala, Idaho State University, and Jessica Milford, Idaho State University

2.      Dare to Derby: A Story of the Discovery of Empowerment through Roller Derby and Community, Karen Sabbah, CSU Northridge, Karen.sabbah.54@csun.edu 

3.      Transgender Children's Health and Happiness, Cecillia Barron, College of the Canyons, cecillia.barron@canyons.edu

4.      Sticks & Stones: Using Photovoice to Examine LGBTQ Youths' Experiences with Bullying, John Anderson, College of the Canyons, john.anderson@canyons.edu

5.      'Porn Keeps Me Faithful to My Wife’: Secular Husbands Reflect on the Monogamy-Enhancing Effects of Their Regular Pornography Viewing, Jeremy N. Thomas, Idaho State University, thomjer4@isu.edu and Lauren Crosby, Idaho State University


Session 6B-Monterey Room: Artists as Creators, Agitators, and Movers, Organizer and Presider: Pamela Williams-Páez, College of the Canyons, pamela.williams-paez@canyons.edu

1.   Norman Rockwell and The Way We Never Were:  Intentional Art as a (R)evolutionary Act, Pamela Williams-Páez, College of the Canyons, pamela.williams-paez@canyons.edu

2.   License to Spray: The Stigma and Status of Graffiti Artists, Mary Valentine, Independent Scholar, valtrain@aol.com

3.   (Re)humanization of , Katie Coleman, College of the Canyons, kathryn.coleman@canyons.edu


Session 6C-San Diego West Room: Social Movements, Organizer and Presider: Tim Kubal, CSU Fresno, tkubal@csufresno.edu

1.   Justice and the Reframing of the Framing Perspective: Goffman Remade, John Leveille, West Chester University, JLeveille@wcupa.edu

2.   Media and Collective Memory: How the Media Remembers Activists, Rene Becerra, CSU Fresno, pianomist@mail.fresnostate.edu

3.   Reggae Movement: The Role American Reggae Music, Musicians, and Their Lyrics,

Play in Mobilizing Fans for Social Movements, Gloria Vargas, UC Riverside, gvarg001@ucr.edu

4.   The Global Indigenous Movement in the Larger Web of Antisystemic Movements, Ian Breckenridge-Jackson, UC Riverside, ibrec001@ucr.edu, Joel Herrera, UC Riverside, jherr016@ucr.edu, Thomas D. Hall, UC Riverside, James Fenelon, UC Riverside, and Christopher Chase-Dunn, UC Riverside, chriscd@ucr.edu



Session 6D-San Gabriel Room: Social Change, Organizers and Presiders: Elizabeth Anne Gervais Schwarz, UC Riverside, eschw001@ucr.edu and Natasha Radojcic, UC Riverside, nrado001@ucr.edu

  1. The Social Construction of Quinoa as a Health Food, Mila Huston, UC Riverside, mhust002@ucr.edu
  2. Beyond Illegal Dumping: A Study in Long Beach, California, Corina Diaz, CSU Dominguez Hills, cdiaz82@toromail.csudh.edu
  3. Visual Activism? The Case of Conservation Photography, Elizabeth Anne Gervais Schwarz, UC Riverside, eschw001@ucr.edu
  4. Heretical Queers: Building a Case for LGBT Participation in Anti-Gay Institutions, Natasha Radojcic, UC Riverside, nrado001@ucr.edu


Session 6E-San Diego East Room: The Ethnographers Circle Workshop, Organizer and Presider: Dan Morrison, Pepperdine University, dmorriso@pepperdine.edu

1.      Pirate Crews and the Reality of Being a Pirate: Mexican Immigrants and the Precariousness of Labor in the Restaurant Industry, Black Hawk Hancock, DePaul University, bhancock@depaul.edu

2.      Revising Brain Implants, Dan Morrison, Pepperdine University, dan.morrison@pepperdine.edu

3.      "Selling Cameras for Crack": The Black Spatial Imaginary in Gentrifying Skid Row, Monica Lomeli, CSU Dominguez Hills, monicalomeli@umail.ucsb.edu


Session 6F-Frank Miller Room: Updating the Classics: Wrestling with Goffman's Ghost, Organizer and Presider: Sandy Somo, San Diego State University, sandysomo16@yahoo.com

1.      The Presentation of Self in the Digital Age, Sandy Somo, San Diego State University, sandy.somo@gmail.com

2.      The Issues of Masculinity and Goffman, Jarrett Robert Rose, San Diego State University, jarrettrose4@hotmail.com

3.      Goffman and the Happiest Place on Earth, Lisa Marie Riccardi, San Diego State University, L.M.Riccardi5@gmail.com

4.      Experiences of Non-residential Mothers: Identity and Stigma, Amy Elizabeth Ash, San Diego State University, welchswicks@gmail.com



CSA Annual Business Meeting (all members welcome), 3:00-4:00 PM, San Diego East Room



Index of Participants





Admire, Amanda 2B

Allen, Quaylan 2F

Allison, Juliann 3B

Alvarado, Thea 1E, 3C, 4B

Álvarez, Alexis 1B 2D

Anderson, Gene 1B

Anderson, John 6A

Anderson, Shane 4D

Ash, Amy Elizabeth 6F

Avetyan, Madlen 4C

Barron, Cecillia 1C, 6A

Becerra, Rene 6C

Bird, Mark 1B

Blaine, Diana York 5A

Bogumil, Elizabeth 4B, 5C

Breckenridge-Jackson, Ian 2F, 6C

Boyns, David 5C

Brown, Kevin 1D

Bryerton, Will 4B, 5B

Canseco, Omar 3A

Carlson, Micah K. 2D, 5B

Carr, Cynthia E. 2E, 3B

Carter, Michael J. 4B

Catano, Yolanda 3A

Chase, Matthew 4C

Chase-Dunn, Christopher 1B, 2D, 6C

Chávez, David 2A

Clanton, Gordon 3C

Coleman, Katie 6B

Conrad, Rosa 4C

Coyne, Gary 5D

Cromartie, J. Vern 4E

Davids, Cliff 5B

Davis, Jasmine L. 3E

Davis, Sean 2C

Diaz, Corina 6D

Diaz, Janette 1A

Dueñas, Jennifer 1D

Elias, Edwin 5D

Fares, Phoenicia 1F

Fuller, Celene 3E, 5C

Gonzales, Alicia 1A, 2C, 3A, 4D

Gonzalez, Cinthia 4A

Gordon, Katie 1D

Habashi, Michael 4B

Hancock, Black Hawk 6E







Heckman, Alyssa 5C

Heimlich, Evan 1B

Hernandez, Yadira K. 3F

Herrera, Joel S. 2D, 6C

Houston, Jaye 1C, 3D

Hummel, Joshua 5B

Huston, Mila 3B, 6D

Ie, Eileen 4E

Inoue, Hiroko 2D

Johnson, Karin 2B

Kennedy, Vera 3C

Klein, Melanie 5A

Koehle, Jenna 4D

Kubal, Tim 6C

Kwon, Roy 1B

Lai, Cherry 1F

Lawrence, Christopher 5C

Leveille, John 6C

Lomeli, Monica 6E

Loo, Dennis 2A

Macias, Mario 3A

Mahdi, Ali Akbar, 5F

Marcelin, Sarai 3A

Marg, Logan 3B

McCoy, Julisa 2F

McKeever, A. James 4E

McMillin, Dan 5B

MIddlebrook, Jeb Plenary Session

Mirande, Alfredo 3B

Mireles, Danielle C. 4B, 5C

Molina-Jackson, Edna 1A

Morosin, Alessandro 2A

Morrison, Dan 6E

Nagy, Sandor 1F

Naranjo, Rita Esmeralda 2C

Neal, Teresa 2D

Nieri, Tanya 5A

Nkosi, Janine 3C

Nubia-Feliciano, Marie 2F

Nuñez, Roman 4A

Odom, Mychal 2A

Pada, Orvic 2B

Perez, Frank C. 5D

Peterson, Paul 5E

Peumsang, Pavitee 3E








Pinedo, Hali 3B

Prather, Jane Emery Plenary Session

Prior, Emily E. 6A

Radojcic, Natasha 6D

Ramos, Lucero 3A

Reed, Tracy 4D

Reese, Ellen 1F, 2F, 3B, 4A

Reyes, Barbara 2B

Riccardi, Lisa Marie 6F

Ritter, Lindsey 2C

Roberts, Anthony 5E

Roman, Giovanni 5D

Romo, Rebecca 4E

Rose, Jarrett Robert 6F

Roth, Adam 5E

Rotondi, Matthew 5D

Sabbah, Karen 6A

Sanchez, Anna 4A

Sanford, Adam G. 1C, 3D

Santana, Alejandra 4D

Santos, Xuan 1A

Schwarz, Elizabeth Anne Gervais 6D

Shey, Thomas 5E

Smart, Bobbi-Lee 2F

Somo, Sandy 6F

Stearns, Cindy A. 1D

Struna, Jason, 3B

Stubbson, Gene 5B

Taghavi, Fariba 5F

Thomas, Jeremy N. 6A

Thompson, Christine 3C

Tillis, Gina English 2C

Torres, Vincent 5B

Tos, Angela 3C

Valentine, Mary 6B

Vargas, Gloria 6C

Villa, Karen Marie 4C

Villafaña, Rebekah 3C

Villegas-Sandoval, Esther 3D

Wagner, Billy 5B

Welch, Levin 4C

Williams, DJ 2A, 6A

Williams, Edwina 2C

Williams-Páez, Pamela 6B

Woody, Ashley 1F

Wonser, Robert 3E




Presidents of the California Sociological Association



1990-1991 Charles F. Hohm,

San Diego State University


1991-1992 John Kinch, San Francisco

 State University


1992-1993 James A. Glynn, Madera College


1993-1994 Hal Charnofsky, California State University, Dominguez Hills


1994-1995 Phylis Cancilla Matinelli, St. Mary’s College


1995-1996 Earl Babbie, Chapman University


1996-1997 Robin Franck, Southwestern College


1997-1998 Charles Powers, Santa Clara University


1998-1999 Gordon Clanton, San Diego State University


1999-2000 Carole Barnes, California State University, Riverside


2000-2001 Jonathan Turner, University of California, Riverside


2001-2002 Elizabeth Nelson, California State University, Fresno


2002-2003 Harvey Rich, California State University, Northridge


2003-2004 Susan Garfin, Sonoma State University


2004-2005 Gary Cretser, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona


2005-2006 Charles Varano, California State University, Sacramento


2006-2007 Elizabeth Hartung, California State University, Channel Islands


2007-2008 Judith Little, Humboldt State University


2008-2009 Edward Nelson, California State University, Fresno


2009-2010 Jackie Carrigan, California State University, Sacramento


2010-2011 Toby Ewing, California Research Bureau


2011-2012 Tony Waters, California State University, Chico


2012-2013 Robert S. Palacio, California State University, Fresno


2013-2014 Chris Chase-Dunn, University of California, Riverside


2014-2015 Anne Laurel Marenco, College of the Canyons



Frank Miller Executive Dining Room

Spanish Art Gallery



San Diego East and West Rooms

San Gabriel Room

Monterey Room