California Sociological Association Annual Meeting
Holiday Inn – Capitol Plaza – Sacramento
November 17-18, 2017

Email the session organizers listed below to inquire about presenting your research in that session.

CSA Conference 2017 List of Sessions



The 2016 Presidential Election Revisited (Session Full), Gordon Clanton,


Community College Roundtable, Rebekah Villafana,


Community Engaged Sociology, David Boyns,


Critical Perspectives on Education, David Boyns,


Current Issues in Latina/o Research (Faculty and Graduate Students), Alicia Gonzales,


East Asia in the World-System Today: A Twenty-Year Reflection on Reversion and Crisis, Eric Honda,


Environmental Sociology, Ashley Wardle,


Feminist Research in Health and Health Care, Carolina Apesoa-Varano,


Financialization and Social Inequality; A Global Perspective, Parul Baxi,


Global Social Change, Christopher Chase-Dunn,


Health and Inequality, Taylor Cruz,


How to be an LGBTQIA Ally Inside and Outside the Classroom, Elizabeth Bogumil,


Human Trafficking, Sandra Morgan and Ed Clarke,


Immigration in the Era of Trump, Edwin Lopez,


Issues in Chicanx/Latinx Education, Elvia Ramirez,


Making Sociology Matter (Graduate Students Only), Alicia Gonzales,


Microsociology and Social Psychology, Michael J. Carter,


Motherhood, Amy Andrada,


Policing Immigrants, Heidy Sarabia,


Popular Culture and New Technology, Ian Larson,


Race and Ethnicity Issues and Concerns,  J. Vern Cromartie,


Race Matters (Graduate Students Only), Alicia Gonzales,


Role of Gender and Sexuality in Organizational Development. Dustin Domingo,


Social Movements, Tim Kubal,


Social Problems & Innovative Solutions, Rebekah Villafana,


Sociology of Aging, Carolina Apesoa-Varano,


Sociology of Health and Illness, Carolina Apesoa-Varano,


Student Research Session, Anne Marenco,


Subcultures in American Society, J. Daniel McMillin,


Taking Sociology Public, Jim Glynn,


Teaching at the California Community College: Mentors & Mentees Panel, Thea Alvarado,


Teaching Innovations, Aya Kimura Ida,


Teaching Sociology Through Games, Karen Sabbah,


The Hyphenated Millennial and the Process of Becoming, Ed Clarke,


Transnational Political Economy, Jake Alimahomed-Wilson,, and Spencer Louis Potiker,


Sociology: The Big Picture, Frank Roberts,


The Trump Effect: Impacts on Racial/Ethnic Relations, Jennifer Skornik,


Trump-ing; the Political, Social and Economic Ramifications, Tonmar Johnson,


Undergraduate Research (Undergraduates Only), Alicia Gonzales,


Work and Professions in Health Care, Carolina Apesoa-Varano,






























You can find the 2015 and 2016 program here.